ICT professional, innovator and developer from Finland.

As a part of management, Antti is experienced in “starting from scratch” to managing large-scale environments, and at the same time keeping an eye out for the optimal cost-benefit balance. He has been a part of several successful projects and implementations, on both sides – as a buyer and a service provider.

As a creative mind, Antti strongly believes that creativity and knowledge can work together towards new innovation, and that creativity is not something you read about – it can be discovered and encouraged. He is a passionate advocate of creative leadership.

I do not run out of ideas, and even discover new ways of thinking and doing. Being able to learn, perceive and understand the big picture has enabled me to apply these properties to where I am.

During his international career, Antti has worked in several management positions, support functions and in digital marketing. Antti is always open to new opportunities in management, consulting or other intriguing and innovative endeavours.

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